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Reading Program


The L/A Fighting Spirit reading program is FREE and geared towards promoting good reading habits among students in kindergarten through sixth grade by utilizing Fighting Spirit player visits, opportunities to win prizes and free tickets to Fighting Spirit games.  Through this mentoring program, students are encouraged to attain specific reading goals during the season with various rewards provided for their reading achievements.

The Fighting Spirit Reading Program runs every school year from October through March.  The teacher sets a reading goal for each child in the class. As soon as a child meets the reading goal, the teacher recognizes him or her with a Reading Award Certificate and a free ticket voucher. 

The Fighting Spirit Reading Programs goals are based on reading ability.  Number of books, number of pages, or number of minutes – they all work.  The reading program can also be used with the reading curriculum or as support for comprehension or intervention programs.  For children not reading independently, the goal can be set where a parent or others read to the child.

The L/A Fighting Spirit front office staff and players congratulate the reading program kids for meeting their monthly reading goal and reward them with free tickets to Fighting Spirt games and recognition during games.

The L/A Fighting Spirit would love to involve your school in the program! Please let us know how we can help! Contact vwhyte@fightingspirithockey.com for more information.